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Web Development

Develope websites, web applications for personal, small scale and business purpose using the latest technologies and industry trends. Fully dedicated to take care of making it easy to understand and work on. We will help make your site highly search engine friendly.

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CMS Customization

A CMS essentially acts as a “middle-layer” between server and user, ensuring benefits on both ends. We work on the foremost content management systems like Magento, Wordpress and Joomla.

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e-Commerce Solution

We provide eCommerce solutions and services by using one of the most popular CMS 'Magento' to help grow your business. We customize as per clients requirements by customizing theme and module developing.

Recent Posts

Setting different development environment


  • Create two folders ‘local’ and ‘production’ inside application/config.
  • Copy config.php and database.php in both folders recently created.
  • In application/config/local/config.php, you can set base url http://localhost/mysite
  • Similarly, in application/config/production/config.php, you can set base url
  • Define CI_ENV in index.php. In above screenshot, CI_ENV…

Create your own Magento log files with Mage::log()

Magento comes with a built-in logging facility which can be enabled and configured in the back-end under System > Configuration > Developer. Alternatively you can enable the Developer Mode for the site to enable the log (on how to do this have a look at the index.php file). The…